Why your support of the FCC is so important!
The Fellowship of Christian Cowboys is a non-profit non-denominational ministry that operates solely on the faith-funded support of individuals and companies who share a common desire to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The FCC receives no monies from Federal, State or Local governments or from any type of government grant(s). Although some reputable companies have partnered with FCC as corporate sponsors, by-and-far, the majority of the support FCC receives comes from annual partnerships, regular giving, and larger one-time gifts of individuals, just like you.

For most of us the dollars prayerfully set aside for giving are finite, therefore, we want you to be faithful to God’s leading in your giving decisions. We in no way want to disrupt your current giving to support a local Church or other ministry, but if God has so blessed and leads you to support the FCC we want you to know we take serious our stewardship responsibilities.


Ways to support the FCC.

Prayer Support – We covet your prayers and continued prayer support; we believe that prayer changes things! “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much,” according to James 5:16. There is power in prayer. Please remember the FCC in your prayers. “Prayer is God’s appointed way of doing God’s work. Effective prayer is simply asking God to work according to His will and leaving the results to Him.” – Dr. Bill Bright

Become a Financial Partner

Help FCC with regular Support
– With your commitment of regular support you can become a financial partner of the FCC allowing us to improve and expand our ministry activities – making us even more effective in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the “Western” world. Click here to support FCC.

Support FCC with your Farm or Ranch through STEER Inc. – STEER Inc. is a non-profit mission fund-raising program that may be a great way for you to support the FCC. This program does not ask you to write a check, but allows you to use the resources God has blessed you with in the agriculture industry to support the FCC. For more information go to the STEER Inc. web site or contact us here.

Let FCC Minister at your Event – One of the most vital parts of our ministry is accomplished by providing ministry support and assistance at events organized by individuals, Chapters, and other groups. FCC would be honored to help you or your group add ministry aspects, such as Christian speakers and musicians, to your event. If you are planning or organizing a event and feel FCC can help, please feel free to Contact Us.