Matthew 5:4 (NKJV) 
4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

We have all mourned for something; the loss a loved one, a job, a friendship, or a pet. I believe we need to view this verse as a temporary condition, not a permanent state. We need to look at the word ‘mourn’. I am not trying to make light of our losses but they are not a permanent feeling or way of feeling. The thought that came to me was mourning over our condition of spiritual bankruptcy, if you will.

When we realize that we are helpless in a situation, we go through a type of mourning. There are those who go into this state of mourning and seem to stay in it for years. I know everyone walks through these things differently, however, Jesus states in this verse that they shall be comforted. My point is that we are not to go around with our head down declaring what a sorry, no good, sinner we are. While this may be true, Jesus promises comfort. If we translate this verse literally, we could say it as ‘Happy’ are those that mourn. That part alone would be an oxymoron to most of us.

How can one be happy if they are mourning? Have you ever been hit so hard by a loss that completely broke you? Did you notice that when you reach the end of yourself, there came a sense of peace and comfort? I have been there. Maybe what He is trying to tell us, is that if we come to that kind of mourning over our own condition, we will find comfort.

The first two verses of the beatitudes are pointing to our relationship with God and our heart attitude. This is where it all starts; what is my heart and attitude towards the Father? Am I acknowledging Him? For me, I must always put my relationship with God above everything else and let God arrange all of the other parts of my life. These two verses help us to do just that.

Lord, help me to continue to be humble in my relationship with you. Give me comfort and peace to know that You are all I need.



~  Chaplain Buddy Strachan