Matthew 5:7 (KJV)
“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

This verse may be the easiest to grasp of this list of scripture. Even so, lets dig deeper. Mercy is a big subject throughout the Bible. For me, the word mercy is somewhat of a mystery. What does it mean to be merciful? Is it simply not condemning someone?  The Greek word is eleeō, it could also be translated as compassion or compassionate. So it seems to me that compassion is a form of mercy. Unfortunately, that is a tough one as I am not a very compassionate person by nature. My wife on the other hand is very compassionate. With the knowledge of how different we can be as individuals it gives me something that I can work on and strive for. You may not have been born compassionate, but it is something that can be developed.

We see examples of compassion and mercy throughout the New Testament. We can use those to learn how to be merciful. Matthew18:21-35 is a parable of what mercy or compassion looks like. This parable also helps to understand the verse we are currently looking at. This doesn’t mean that we have to solve other people’s problems. Sometimes it may be just sitting and listening with a friend in a time of need.

SO, if we are compassionate or merciful to others, we will receive compassion or mercy from the Creator. What a great thing! To receive compassion from God himself is probably the best promise we could have. No matter what we are going through, Jesus understands. He came and lived as a man; there is nothing in our lives He doesn’t understand. What an awesome thing1 His compassion or mercy is sufficient for all of our problems, trials or struggles.


~  Chaplain Buddy Strachan